Fun Fact: This was a prop. I can’t drive a motorcycle.

Fun Fact: This was a prop. I can’t drive a motorcycle.

Illustrator. Graphic designer. Happiness enthusiast.

Hi! I’m Caleb Goldberg, an illustrator and graphic designer from Syracuse, New York.

For almost 8 years, I’ve been creating pieces using the power of color to bring to life unique concepts and ideas, and provoking thought with fascinating, often bizarre subject matter and juxtaposition. In this time, I’ve worked both freelance and in an office environment, and am currently working as a graphic designer in the Marketing Department at the University of Valley Forge and as the the graphic designer at The Power Place Church in Kennett Square, PA.

I believe that art has a powerful effect on how we view the world and the institutions around us. With my work, I aim to contribute to the beauty of the world we exist in, be that as a bright illustrated poster, or a stunning, timeless logo that draws a passerby into your business.

I’m currently available for freelance work! I hope we get to bring some more beauty into the world together. Check out my ‘Get In Touch’ page if you’re interested in working with me!